All important information concerning the visitor area of correctional facility Schwerte

Visiting hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday:13:00 – 14:0015:00 – 17:0018:30 -20:30
Fridays:13:30 – 15:3016:45 – 18:45 (does not apply to shopping days)

Weekend visitations take place only once a month, as a rule on the first weekend of the month.

Saturday:08:30 – 10:3013:00 – 15:00
Sunday:08:30 – 10:3013:00 – 15:00

Family visitation/Long-term Visitation

Monday and Wednesday:08:15 - 11:15
Tuesday:14:00 – 17:00
Thursday:17:45 – 20:15

Visitation possibilities for prisoners with supervision

The visitation officer carries out permanent supervision of prisoners for whom in particular cases visual and acoustical supervision of the visitation is mandated. Please note that these visitations can only be approved for the following hours:

  • Mondays from 16:00 to 17:00
  • Wednesdays from 16:00 to 17:00

Glass visitation for prisoners

For prisoners for whom in particular cases glass visitations are mandated, the visitation is carried out by the means of separation through a glass pane. Please note that these visitations can be approved for the usual visiting hours.

General Information

Please leave valuables, bags and coats in the car or deposit them in the lockers outside the facility. Baby stroller lockers are also available for baby strollers. To use these lockers, you will need 1 € coin as key deposit. You can get the key for the baby stroller locker at the visitors' entrance.

Visitation slot allocation by phone is generally not possible!

Visitations to correctional facility Schwerte should be applied for by the prisoner.
In case the application is approved the prisoner sends an approved application to his visitors. The approved application is regarded as visitation permission and should be presented at the visitors' entrance.
The number of visitors per prisoner per visitation is limited to maximum of four persons (including children).
The names of the visitors must already be provided at the filing of the application, subsequent alteration is not possible.
There is a maximum of one normal visitation per day. The slots are allocated.
The prisoner is entitled to 2 hours of normal visitation per month. If free slots are available, further visitations can be approved.
However the maximal amount is four visitations a month.

Security checks

To ensure quick and smooth process, you should already arrive 30 – 45 minutes before the visitation.
Instructions of the staff are to be followed.
At the admission the approved visitation application and valid identification card or passport for the purpose of identity check are to be presented. Only persons who are named in the approved visitation application can be admitted.
Persons who have not yet reached the age of 16 are only admitted if accompanied by an adult.
Visitors who are visibly intoxicated are refused admittance.
Before the visitation the visitors are processed through security scanner, metal detector and frisk searched according to the Penal Code (Sect. 19 para. 5 StVollzG NRW). Due to this process the admission of the following visitors might be delayed.

Course of Visitation

There is a possibility to purchase sweets, tobacco products or beverages at the vending machines situated in the visitor area. After the visitation shopping limit of 40 € has been reached, only 5 € are allowed to be taken to the visitor area.
Coins are necessary for every purchase. Change for cash is not possible.
Visitations are visually monitored at random intervals.
General rule: Mutual consideration is imperative.
There is a complete smoking ban in the entire visitor area.
Some spaces of the visitor room in the visitor area are monitored.
In case of violation of the visitation rules as the last resort the visitation ban for the person in question can be imposed.

Accepting of objects and items

For organizational reasons accepting of things and items is not possible.


For safety reasons it is impossible to give cash during the visitation or to deposit cash or to send it by mail to the prison inmates of the correctional facility Schwerte.
For this reason we offer you the possibility to transfer the money to the prison inmates.

Bank details of the correctional facility Schwerte is:

Institution:Postbank Dortmund
BIN:440 100 46
Account No.:883 6464
IBAN:DE55 4401 0046 0008 8364 64

It is imperative, that the first and last names, birth date and the book number of the inmate, if known, are stated in the transfer form under “reason for payment”.